Six Golden Quotes to Help You Grow

Last week I spent two inspiring days learning and being challenged at a global leadership summit with about 400,000 other leaders in 1,375 locations spanning the globe. I was able to hear world class leaders share on a wide scope of ideas, each in their area of expertise. The proverbial drinking from a fire hose analogy is very appropriate.

Since most of my readers have real jobs and were not able to attend, I am going to save you two days and $200 by sharing two blog posts (this week and next) with some key thoughts I took away from the summit. And I’d like to challenge you to use some of the links provided to dig a little deeper into at least one of these subjects.

I may come back and unpack some of these ideas in future posts but for now, I will give you a nugget from each of the summit speakers. Some of the quotes below may be paraphrases as my pen could not always keep up.

Bill Hybels, Pastor of Willowcreek Community Church – “As leaders, we don’t get to choose who we respect.” My take: Ouch! This is a tough idea that I am still wrestling with. I have often lived by the mantra, “respect the position but not necessarily the person.” My more comfortable stance seems to be an easier road than the Bible teaches in 1 Peter 2:17.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook – About joining the Facebook team, she said, “When you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask “what seat?”. My take: Does environment trump passion and gifts? This is a question worth pondering.

Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World but best known for his TV show, The Profit – “You can’t do business without being vulnerable.” My take: This is opposite of the guarded way most people lead.

Fredrik Haren, author and speaker on business creativity – “We are a lot like God when we are creating.”  My take: I need to spend more time creating and less time copying.

Bryan Stephenson, author of Just Mercy and a lawyer in my hometown of Montgomery, AL – “There are hopeful leaders and there are leaders who simply sit in leadership positions. Hopefulness is part of what it means to be a leader.” My take: I hope I fit Bryan's definition of a leader.

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of Northpoint Community Church – “Wow Ideas to life, don’t how them to death.” My take: Wow; he’s brilliant. There is a time to ask how, but starting with wow puts wind in the sails of the idea creator. 

Next week, I’ll share some additional thoughts from the last six speakers, and my action steps. Is there an idea from today’s post you can think or act on this week?