Six More Quotes That Could Change Your Life

Last week I shared with you six thought provoking quotes I’ve been pondering from day one of a global leadership summit I attended earlier this month. Today I will share six more from the final day’s speakers, as well as the personal action plan I penned after attending.

Laszlo Bock, businessman and former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google – “Give people more freedom than you are comfortable with. They will be happier, stay longer and do more.” My take: This could backfire, but it’s worth the risk. Take two: In releasing control, I give life to a soul.

For Bock’s entire slide deck click here.

My favorite thing about Laszlo Bock is that he received a book endorsement from his five year old daughter.


Juliet Funt, CEO of Whitespace – “We are too busy to become less busy.” My take: Busyness disguises itself as productivity but actually stands in the way of it. 

Marcus Buckingham, a British author, motivational speaker and business consultant – “You learn nothing about success from studying failure. You learn how to be not bad. Who wants that?!” My take: I love Marcus and love what he is emphasizing in this quote, but still am not sure I fully agree.

Sam Adeyemi, senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria – “When leaders get better, what they lead gets better.” My take: I must never stop growing. Too much is riding on it.

Angela Duckworth, academic, psychologist and author of Grit - Talent x Effort = Skill; Skill x Effort = Achievement; Talent matters, but effort counts twice. My take: Thank God!!

Gary Haugen, Founder and CEO of International Justice Mission – “Knowledge is rendered useless by fear.” My take: Perhaps this is the reason the most given command in the bible is to fear not.

Michael Jr. is a hilarious comedian who was not an official speaker but was a host of sorts who provided a couple of standup routines.   He told a lot of great jokes, but my takeaway is his explanation of how comedy relates to life. He said, “What you’ve been given in life is your set up; what you do with it is your punchline.” To illustrate his point he told a heartwarming story about how he helped raise money for a foster family in need. You can read about it here.

To add to Gary Haugen’s quote above, knowledge is also rendered useless without application. I hope you will give thought to some of these ideas and consider how you might apply them in your life. Here are 13 ways I will seek to make application:

1.    Write a college friend a thank you note for challenging me and giving me the opportunity to lead before I thought I was ready.

2.    Reach out to a young man I invested in this past year to see how he is doing.

3.    Move from trouble shooting to long-term planning with some of my clients.

4.    Listen to Bill Hybels message: Respect Everyone Always

5.    Incorporate some of these notes into chapel talks I will be sharing at a retreat in a couple of weeks.

6.    Rework my weekly schedule to intentionally include white space and time to create.

7.    Ask a coaching friend if I can sit in on some of his sessions to learn from him.

8.    With my clients, give equal emphasis to personal and professional growth.

9.    File away for further thought: How can I embrace the idea of being vulnerable when it makes me feel less credible as a leader? I know vulnerability breeds trust and credibility, but this remains hard for me.

10. How can I give coaching services away to those in need?

11. Subscribe to a biographies podcast.

12. Subscribe to Audible.