Invest in Others and Discover Your Life's Mission

I love to coach. It all started when I was in college serving as a player / coach on several intramural sports teams at the University of Alabama (Can I get a "Roll Tide"?!) - flag football, softball, basketball and even co-ed inner tube water polo (yes, it’s a thing). Several years later when my son played organized sports I was often one of his coaches. Then after another hiatus I returned to coaching a couple of years ago when I began volunteering to coach basketball at our church and cross country at our local high school. The reason I coach is I love to see others succeed and to play a role in making it happen. My faith tells me this is part of the reason I am still here on the planet - to help others experience their best life. I will continue to look for opportunities to coach on the athletic field but now my coaching is more in the field of life.

Your God-given mission should you choose to accept it is also to help others succeed. Whether you coach sports, teach poetry (no jokes here since I am married to one of these), lead in business, raise kids, pastor a church or any of a number of other worthwhile ventures, you are here to invest your life in others. If you are not yet doing this, you are not yet living your purpose. If you have stopped influencing others, you are no longer living your purpose. There are people around you who are counting on you. They need you, but you need them as well. They need you in order to grow and you need them in order to carry out your life’s mission (and in the process you will grow too).

Last week I wrote the first type of relationship you need to take your life to the next level is with mentors, coaches, bosses, or others who would be willing to invest in helping you grow. It is through these relationships you mature and gain the tools to be successful. Once you have been given some tools the obvious next step is to use them to build something, or someone. Tools that never leave the toolbox sit with unrealized stories of what could have been constructed.

As critical as mentors are in your life development, perhaps even more important are mentees. Through mentors you gain the necessary tools to live out your mission of pouring into the lives of others. But tools without a mission are simply shiny trinkets that will eventually waste away. On the other hand, a mission without the proper tools will never build anything worthwhile. The two must live together for either to serve you well.

How are you using the talents and resources you have been given to serve others? If this is your mission in life, you must pursue it with all you have.

Look around and assess the needs. You are probably already positioned to build into someone’s life who looks to you as a leader.

Look within and see where your passions lie. That which excites you or even bothers you are areas where you are uniquely positioned to make a difference.

Ask a leader in your church how you can serve? Research your community’s sports leagues and see if you can coach. Volunteer at a local school or the Boys and Girl Clubs.

Go make a difference. It’s what you were created to do.