My Commitment (This is a link to a little pep talk I give myself each day. You can write your own.)

Yesterday (I usually try to answer these questions as a group rather than question by question. I may not address each question with each entry.)

•    What did I do since my last journal entry? Did I give my best? Highs/Lows? 

•    What lessons did I learn? 

•    What did I do that was scary or involved risk or moved me beyond my comfort zone?

•    What mistake did I make that I can learn from?

•    How was my energy? How driven was I? Was I creative? Intentional?

•    What was story worthy? What made me laugh or cry?

•    What’s on my mind? What am or should I be thinking deeply about? 

•    What did I read or listen to since my last journal entry? 

•    What was happening in my life one year ago?

Quotes and Takeaways: (These are key thoughts or quotes from my reading or life)



What do I hope to accomplish if I have total control of my time today? What risk will I take? (I plot out my day hour by hour and remind myself to take risks b/c I need the reminder :))

Listen to, meditate on, worship with one of these songs:

Bible Reading:  

Summary and Takeaways:    

Prayer  (I sometimes write out my prayers to keep me focused)

Scott Barber Life Plan 2017.docx  (This is a link to my life, annual and monthly goals. I click on it once a week to keep me headed in the right direction)

To Do Later:  (This is a place to jot down all the annoying things that pop in my mind when I'm trying to journal)


- blog by Tuesday night

- weekly review and weekly plan (Sunday night)